The NumiMed Dispenser


The NumiMed liquid dispenser is an easy, safe and accurate way to administer Colic Calm or to give oral medications and vitamins. It prevents air from being sucked into baby’s system and helps babies to swallow more easily without messy spit ups.

The clear cup allows you to see and ensure correct dosage. Single doses can be pre-filled for use when needed, at home or away. The picture (right) describes the various features of the NumiMed dispenser.

Price: $5.99

SKU: N03001

5 reviews for The NumiMed Dispenser

  1. Kristy T.

    My husband and I are pleased with the results that colic calm has offered. When ever he starts to fuss it sounds like an operating room in our house…”Honey, the colic calm in the numimed, STAT”. Michael usually burps after his dose and falls asleep. I will be putting in another order shortly.

  2. Wendy J – Verona, WI

    After 10 weeks of a typically happy baby being extremely fussy in the evenings, I found the information on gripe water. I read the reviews on your site and immediately ordered some Colic Calm with the regular shipping. I ordered on Monday and it arrived on Thursday. I also went to the pharmacy (Walgreens) to buy Baby Bliss and Mylicon to get some immediate action started. The Baby Bliss and Mylicon did help a bit, but after 2 days, he started showing some of the same signs again. My Colic Calm arrived on Thursday, and we gave it a shot with the NumiMed pacifier dispenser. The results were absolutely amazing. He stopped crying, and just hung out, eating regularly in the evenings. It is like the difference between night and day. He is playful, fun, and hungry in the evenings instead of crying, tense, and very upset. His total milk intake has increased, and he is sleeping better at night. We have been using it now for 5 days, and the effects have stayed the same.

  3. K and T, A – Texas

    Colic Calm has been a life saver. My daughter screamed nightly starting at 3 weeks old. My husband and I felt helpless, honestly. Colic Calm, drastically improved her colic attacks. We always have it on hand, including the diaper bag. Not to mention, the NumiMed dispenser is fantastic as well. Thanks millions.

  4. Wayne A – Collegeville, PA

    It worked like a dream last night!!! He actually slept 4 hours straight and I can lay him down in his bassinet without screaming….my husband was amazed because he wanted me to just start Zantac right away….now his mind is changed. I love the Numimed (it also makes the black color not seem so strange at first:) Thank you so much!! You’ve been so helpful.

  5. Jessica F – Silver City, NC

    We struggled (and still do occasionally) with administration – she seems to choke quite easily. The NumiMed dispenser, while an ingenious idea, does not work for us at this point – maybe it will when she is older. Even with the dosage slide closed all the way, she still chokes. That’s not to say it won’t work for others – my daughter also gets choked at least once during breastfeeding. I did find a tiny little “bottle” medicine dispenser at Wal-Mart that seems to work pretty well. I have to hold it straight out, so the gripe water doesn’t come out too fast, but she is choking much less with it. In the beginning we also stained quite a few outfits, but after using ColicCalm for almost five weeks now, we have become much more successful with administration and haven’t had any drips in quite a while and don’t choke quite as much!

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