Colic Symptom Checker

Take the survey below to compare your child's symptoms to the observations of 11205 other parents.

Part 1 - Does Your Baby Have Colic?

YesNoCompare Your Answers (with 11205 Respondents)
1.Is your baby younger than 6 months of age?
2.Does your baby cry inconsolably for three or more hours per day, at least three times per week?

Part 2 - How Do Your Baby's Symptoms Compare?

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3.Symptoms occur around the same time each day or night
4.Symptoms usually begin after meal times
5.Symptoms begin and end abruptly without warning
6.Symptoms cease after a bowel movement or passing gas
7.Baby spits up frequently
8.Baby show signs of gas such as; abdominal bloating or a hard distended stomach
9.During episodes, baby arches his/her back, pulls knees to chest or clenches fists
10.Baby experiences disrupted sleep patterns



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