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I just need to point out how much you have helped my son and both me and my husband. I love how colic calm is all natural and the safest to use as I am not a fan of medication, but caved to give my little 1 some sort of relief after all the different gas drops and gripe waters. At 5.5 weeks old I was at wits end between the constant crying in pain and lack of sleep I saw this advertised on Facebook. This is the only thing that helped my baby and we can now enjoy him I can't thank you enough for that I couldn't bare to see him in pain anymore. Literally in tears of joy after day 3 of using this product.


I just dosed my 7 week old son, and felt compelled to share my story. Below is a little snippet of my post from earlier last week. my son has been struggling with reflux/digestive issues since mothers day. He cried for 9 hours straight and I almost took him to the hospital and after being told by the pedi to "wait it out" and going to her 3 times in a week she gave zantac. We still haven't been able to pin point his issue but all I know is Colic Calm has literally given me my sanity back. I wish it wasn't so expensive but I know that you get what you pay for and that is so true. It's the only thing that calms his belly after he eats, and the only thing that allows me to sleep. I've suffered from postpartum after he was born and these past 10 days have been extremely hard on us. I seriously was on the verge on a nervous breakdown and just couldn't take the crying anymore! I could literally go on forever about how amazing this product is and it is really a lifesaver! I recommend to anyone who's child is having issues. Don't worry about the price -- it pays for itself 10x over by the sleep you'll get back and a content baby! Thank you Colic Calm!

  Alton, New Hampshire

Colic calm saves the night!!! I used colic calm when my son was first born, he was extremely colicky. That with a change of formula has cleared it up. But tonight he woke up with a horrible tummy ache. (he's 8 months) I reached for the colic calm right away and within minutes of me giving it to him he stopped crying and shortly after that he fell asleep. This working momma thanks you!!!

  Chula Vista, CA

I've been struggling with my 5 week old son since day 1. He is my second, and is sooo much more fussy than my first was. I couldn't find anything to calm him down at night. His crying would start around 6:30 pm and continue, often escalating, until around 11. We would walk him, bathe him, feed him, bounce him, etc. nothing would calm him. I tried Nat Phos 6x, thinking it was reflux, I tried Baby Magic Tea, I drank it myself to pass through milk and gave it to him in a bottle, I tried Little Remedies Gripe water and I removed dairy from my diet. I saw little to no results.

One desperate night, I found myself at Walgreens and bought Colic Calm. Gave it to him around 10 pm, so the results were hard to see at first but the next morning, I did notice he was calm. But the next night, I gave it to him around 7 pm. Wow.

His body is not rigid, he is eating calmly and falling asleep while nursing, pooping better, smiling, opening his eyes more. This stuff is incredible. Different baby. He is happy:)

I just ran to Cvs to buy this. I've been putting it off bc it's more on the expensive side and so many products claim to help, but never do. But since it's literally been the worst day ever for my baby, I decided to try. She has colic/reflux/food allergies. We've been managing with Zantac, chiropractic care 1-3x/week and me eliminating the top 8 food allergens for the past 6 weeks. Today she projectile vomited 3x (never done that before) plus major gas, diarrhea, mucusy stool, pulling away from the breast, arching/screaming in pain. A very, very bad day! I gave her this tonight and 30 minutes later she's nursing calmly (she hasn't eaten all day!) and falling asleep in my arms. I could cry. Thank you! thank you! THANK YOU!!!


We have tried different gas drops 4 different brands, last night was the first time I ever heard about gripe water and when I went to the store they did not have the brand I read about, however I seen this brand was all natural and bought it. For the first time in 4 weeks we got to sleep. Thank you!!! My grandson has improved about 70% in just 9 hours, he is like a new little guy, he was crying at least 6 hours out the day everyday just a gassy fussy mess. Not today we have had 2 crying bouts lasting 10 minutes each Thank you so much!!!

Just used your Colic Calm last night for the first time on my 7 week old baby who had very painful gas. Within 2 minutes she stopped crying/screaming and was asleep in my arms. I am a believer. Colic Calm = miracle product. Ty!!!

  Milford, NJ

I don't care how much your gripe water costs ($19.99 at Baby's R Us), it is a miracle. Colin (Little Man) just spent the last three hours or so full of energy and totally restless. The usual cures didn't work at all and after his daddy bounced him for a solid hour I decided to break out the Colic Calm. After about a minute our little boy stopped being restless and slowly closed his eyes from no doubt exhaustion. He is now sleeping most blissfully in his bouncer chair. Mind you, this is a 10 week old baby who shouldn't have this much energy! So happy that I went out on a limb and bought the expensive stuff instead of sticking to the cheaper stuff. Saved us from a very sleepless night and unhappy infant. Thank you for making gripe water!

  San Diego, CA

I tried the product with my first born when she was a baby and it did the trick! I'd love to see if it works for my son (now 3 weeks old). He's not as colicky as my daughter was but he still has stomach pains from trapped gas and I hate to see him in pain.

  British Columbia

My son is now 15 months and we still have no diagnosis from hospital or docs or dietitians he would be screaming before after feeding in between we couldn't put him down was put on special milk neocate but still one UN happy little baby boy we lived at hospital most of bambinos first 6 months he would be in constant pain knees up high hands clasped tight stiff constantly in pain when trumping not emptying bowls for 2 weeks at a time he also had colic twice a day which made the gas worse tried everything going had lost hope thought he was gonna be in pain forever decided to scan the net found COLIC CALM thought I'm gonna take a gamble what's worse that could happen I'd be 25 quid worse off but dint care if was gonna help him the best thing I ever did one week later he was calming buy time he was 7 months he could stomach his milk and slowly we introduced other products to eat he doing loads better but sometimes he might eat drink something and sets him of I still give him COLIC CALM and like hay Presto he wasn't in pain I would buy this time and time again thanks COLIC CALM u need to push to get it in UK on shop floors it's the best.

  Sheffield, UK