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My name is Indwe and I'm a mother of two beautiful girls, 16 and 3 months.

I had serious colic problems with my first daughter and it was really frustrating. Being a first time mother, I had no clue what to do and both me and my baby suffered a lot. With my second baby, I decided to google the best remedy for colic, because I did not wanna go through the same thing and I just couldn't take seeing my baby in pain.

I found out about Colic Calm and I went to buy it immediately. I had never gotten so much relief from any product in my life. Both my babies slept the whole night. There was no more screaming at night, such that my elder daughter would wake up from the noise and start screaming too.

I tell everyone about Colic Calm and my sister even laughed at me when I said that I would buy it and store it for my next children, just in case I can't find it by then, maybe it'd be sold out.

I am so grateful this product, I hope it helps a whole lot of other people too, because I know what it feels like to be exhausted and can't enjoy your baby and all you wanna do is cry.


Dear Colic Calm,
This product is wonderful. My little guy is very gassy and nothing worked, until I met your product. As a mama who owns her own small business and has LOTS to do, it was a challenge to get it done with a fussy baby on hand. This product has helped so much! Thank you! ~


I have found the gripe water to be very helpful for my baby's digestive system. She had been spitting up a lot and it seemed to be painful for her. She would cry after she spit up. The doctor gave her a prescription for zantac I think. Well after that I ordered this product and stopped giving her the prescription and started her on the gripe water. She seems to improve after a dose for tummy pains. I have also noticed it helps her either be more regular or not as painful for her if she doesn't have a bm in a few days. Also, unlike the other gripe water I tried, my daughter actually likes taking it. I would recommend it to family and friends. Thank you.

Melissa B  Spokane Valley, WA

I bought Colic Calm thinking that it probably wouldn't work. After all. we had tried EVERYTHING for my 8 week old daughter - to no avail! To my surprise the colic calm worked with the very first dose! Before we would rock, swing, sway, give warm baths, and use a pacifier! Now, we don't even need her "binky"! She is so comfortable - I can't thank you enough for this product!

Britta  MA

My daughter is almost 11 months old and we used this product quite a bit right after she was born. She was extremely irritable and gassy. It seemed to help very much. I actually tried it one time after eating something that didn't agree with me and the results were amazing.
Her little system got on track by the time she was about 5 months old.
Well, last night, my daughter woke up with terrible stomach pains. Nothing seemed to ease them. She was squirming and screaming and could not seem to get any relief. When we gave her a dose, the results were practically instantaneous. Within 5 minutes she was lying quietly on my chest. I truly believe that she would have been in pain all night had it not been for your product. I will be ordering a new bottle to have on hand. Thank you so much.

Amanda C

My baby was having problems with gas and we were in the process of transitioning her from Milk to Soy formula. She was screaming all day in pain. I bought Colic calm three days ago and my baby went from screaming to calm in 30 seconds. I only use it when I have to and when I do it works great. She loves the taste and it makes her gas pains go away almost instantly. I have tried numerous products and methods and this was the only product that worked.

Christine P  New Jersey

One dose changed our life! Our baby started having colic symptoms when she was just over 2 months. We had no idea what to do since our son never had it. I found this site and saw all the positive reviews and decided to give it a try. With just 1 dose she went from being miserable to a happy baby! We have been able to sleep again and I've already recommended this product to a friend who also loved it with the first dose. Please don't hesitate to try this for your baby's sake as well as your own!


We are so happy to have found your product. It has truly given us some peace knowing that our son will get the needed relief from gas and abdominal pain whenever we give him Colic Calm.

Ricky D  Barrigada, GU

We are so pleased with ColicCalm Gripe Water! Our 4 month old granddaughter was miserable with colic and nothing helped until we found your product online. Thanks for helping Claire feel better.

Pat C

I have used Colic Calm and two different babies. It has always worked great! It works with in a few minutes and makes them the happy babies we know and love. Thanks for this amazing product.

Angela G