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This product is a miracle worker. Our 4 month old has severe gas issues and hiccups. She Would scream in pain. We were at our wits end when someone suggested we try your product. The first time we gave it to her was one of her bouts of having a burp stuck in her tummy. After a few minutes and rubbing her back she let out a man burp And then calmed down and fell asleep. Thank you for this product!

Pat J

This stuff is such a life saver. My little one suffers from gas frequently. when he starts squirming all I need to do is give him a drop and all I need to do is rub his back and he's belching and a much happier baby (and parent)


I tried this product 5 years ago when my little girl was a baby with very bad colic. I witnessed how she went from screaming in pain to being absolutely calm within seconds. It is such a great product that I recommend it to every friend of mine who becomes a mother, and I often give it as a gift at baby showers.

Olivia M,  Chile

Thank You!!! Your product is amazing. For the last 6 weeks I have been sleeping sitting up for 1hr stints with my silent refluxy/windy, colicky & very beautiful baby boy, he doesn't sleep through the day either unless upright in someones arms - I was getting desperate and was starting to try other medications (even though I really didn't want too) I tried a couple, one of which was prescribed by the doctor and neither of which worked, in fact they added to the problem by making him constipated too I was also on verge of cutting dairy from my diet although this wasn't a great option given I am vegetarian, anyway literally yesterday I stumbled across your website and thought "I wonder?" after reading the testimonials (especially the one from the Playcentre Mum as I am one of those too:) I decided to give it a go, I gave him 2 half doses just before his 10.30pm feed and OMG he slept in his own bed for the first time ever till 7.30am, he did wake 3 hourly for feeding (which I'm more than happy to do) and went straight back down after winding ...Today after a fussy painful morning he has had two more half doses and now (at 4.45pm) for the second time today he is asleep in his bassinet in fact not only is he asleep he self settled too! He's also full of smiles today which I am overjoyed to see - its the best valentines day pressie EVER!!!

Thank you

Kelli  New Zealand

I am a first time mom to a beautiful baby boy who is 8 weeks old. At about 2 weeks we thought he had a bad cold because he was very congested. Well for the next 5 weeks he was very fussy and would not sleep, we thought it was because of his cold. Turns out he has a cow milk allergy, he would spit up so much that it was causing the congestion. The pediatrician changed his formula, a week later we still saw no results he was still congested, colicky, had gas and reflux. I was googling and came across colic calm I had tried other colic drops and gas drops and they did nothing. I read the many reviews and went out and bought colic calm that day. All I could say is this product is a life savor. I had always been good with babies and I was beginning to think it was something I was doing wrong. My baby slept great, he did not wake up screaming like he had been for weeks. The next morning he woke up in a great mood smiling and cooing. I finally had my happy baby! It was nothing I was doing wrong. My poor baby was just in pain. I have many family members who are expecting And I will definitely be gifting colic calm to have on hand. Thank you so much colic calm!

Karina  San Diego, CA

This bottle has done wonders for my baby boy! I like that its all natural. My baby now sleeps better, and can eat without getting those horrible gas pains!​

Hannah N  Greenville, SC

My name is Indwe and I'm a mother of two beautiful girls, 16 and 3 months.

I had serious colic problems with my first daughter and it was really frustrating. Being a first time mother, I had no clue what to do and both me and my baby suffered a lot. With my second baby, I decided to google the best remedy for colic, because I did not wanna go through the same thing and I just couldn't take seeing my baby in pain.

I found out about Colic Calm and I went to buy it immediately. I had never gotten so much relief from any product in my life. Both my babies slept the whole night. There was no more screaming at night, such that my elder daughter would wake up from the noise and start screaming too.

I tell everyone about Colic Calm and my sister even laughed at me when I said that I would buy it and store it for my next children, just in case I can't find it by then, maybe it'd be sold out.

I am so grateful this product, I hope it helps a whole lot of other people too, because I know what it feels like to be exhausted and can't enjoy your baby and all you wanna do is cry.


Dear Colic Calm,
This product is wonderful. My little guy is very gassy and nothing worked, until I met your product. As a mama who owns her own small business and has LOTS to do, it was a challenge to get it done with a fussy baby on hand. This product has helped so much! Thank you! ~


I have found the gripe water to be very helpful for my baby's digestive system. She had been spitting up a lot and it seemed to be painful for her. She would cry after she spit up. The doctor gave her a prescription for zantac I think. Well after that I ordered this product and stopped giving her the prescription and started her on the gripe water. She seems to improve after a dose for tummy pains. I have also noticed it helps her either be more regular or not as painful for her if she doesn't have a bm in a few days. Also, unlike the other gripe water I tried, my daughter actually likes taking it. I would recommend it to family and friends. Thank you.

Melissa B  Spokane Valley, WA

I bought Colic Calm thinking that it probably wouldn't work. After all. we had tried EVERYTHING for my 8 week old daughter - to no avail! To my surprise the colic calm worked with the very first dose! Before we would rock, swing, sway, give warm baths, and use a pacifier! Now, we don't even need her "binky"! She is so comfortable - I can't thank you enough for this product!

Britta  MA