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Colic Calm is AMAZING!!! I would recommend it to all Mothers with griping babies. Its like MAGIC!!! and helps to soothe my baby almost immediately. Thank you Colic Calm.

Tarik M.
Medley, FL

Colic Calm has helped us tremendously with our daughter's acid reflux. While on a family vacation, my uncle, who suffers from Lupus and has holes in his stomach lining caused by a side effect of a medicine combination he had been on, was suffering from terrible stomach pains. He saw my daughter's response to Colic Calm and decided he'd try some himself. He was amazed to discover that within about 20 minutes, his stomach pains had ceased and he felt better than he's felt in 2 years. So this time I'm ordering 2 bottles instead of 1 - one for our 3-month-old and the other for my Uncle. Thank you for this amazing product!

Antoinette R.
Baytown, TX

I tried several other brands of gripe water that were available over-the-counter and none of them worked. I tried colic calm as a last resort and was very pleased with the results. It really seemed to settle my daughters tummy. I will definately recommend Colic Calm to other mothers with a fussy baby and also thank you so much for the extremely fast shipping. It's like you guys know how hard it can be with a fussy baby and remembering to order things can be a difficult task. Both times I ordered from you I received the Colic Calm the next day.

Thanks Again.

Kelly S.
Eddyville, IA

Around our house, we refer to your product not as Colic Calm, but rather Colic CURE - because that's exactly what it's been for our family. I am not exaggerating to say that it has saved my sanity, my marriage, and our baby girl. We knew something was up with Mallory those first few nights in the hospital. She just wouldn't "settle" after feedings and seemed to have unusually long stretches of wakefulness, compared to our 3 y.o. son when he was just born. Sure enough, we saw what we were in for when we got home: 6 - 8 hour blocks where Mallory would be exhausted, but her little body wouldn't let her sleep. We swaddled, rocked, jiggled, sang, no avail. I even switched her doctor to a pediatric gastroenterologist in the hopes of getting to the bottom of her discomfort. He approached it as an acid reflux issued, but after weeks on medication, we didn't see an improvement. Mallory's daytime sleep was improving, but as soon as we put her to bed at night, her eyes would pop open and she could not settle down to sleep. It's important for parents to know that colic is not just defined as a baby who cries all the time. More often, it's marked by these long stretches of wakefulness (in excess of 3 hours) for more than 3 nights a week (in our case 7!) up to the age of 3 months (and sometimes to 4). Upon learning this, we realized Mallory had colic. One night when she was 11 weeks old, after a stress-fueled argument with my husband, I googled "colic" and kept coming back to your product. I was very skeptical, but also desperate, and felt it was worth a shot to try your product due to the money-back guarantee. My greatest regret is that it took 11 weeks to find this miracle in a bottle. Just as other parents have written, it works for Mallory within about 3 - 5 minutes. Her little body relaxes and she can drift off to sleep...and we have our evenings back! Since then, the biggest fight my husband and I have had was when he polished off the baby's bottle of Colic Calm in an attempt to cure his own tummy upset!! I am absolutely evangelical about your product to friends with colicky babies. It's truly the closest thing to a cure.

Thank you!

Jennifer C.
Medfield, CT

I am the mother of 3 month old twins, a boy and a girl. My angels have hit a rough patch, especially my son, with colicky behavior - crying until his face and body are red, kicking and waving his arms, and generally keeping us all awake such that we are all cranky! I hate seeing him in such discomfort as he is such a loving little guy when he feels well. I tried a few other remedies at the drug and baby stores that are typically purchased for infant gastrointestinal distress and while they offered some relief it never seemed to be quite complete, more of a bandaid effect. I had a friend who has a toddler tell me that she used Colic Calm, and she typically gives a bottle to all new mothers. I ordered it out of desperation since I couldn't find it in our local stores, along with the pacifiers you offer to deliver the meds easily. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it worked and how relaxed my babies seemed in such a short period of time, and how they could sleep better and longer without waking up with a sore tummy. I keep it on hand and will use it at the first sign of a gassy or rolling tummy, and we're all SO much happier and well rested. I ordered the 4 pack with the last order as I know I will use it and consider it to be a great value. I'm hoping to be able to convince stores in our area to carry it but will continue to order it on line until then.

Thanks for making such a great product!

Lynn L.
Charlotte, NC

I love this product - it is the only gripe water that seems to work for my baby. Thanks

Eunice J.
Keller, TX

I wanted to say that my son has difficulty passing gas since he was 3 days old. He woudd cry and cry for 20 minutes sometimes and gas relief drops only worked some of the time. I began researching gas relief on the internet and came across colic calm and thought I would give it a try. It arrived a few days after I ordered it and was a miracle medicine. The first time I gave it to him, he calmed down in less than 5 minutes. I only gave him half the recommended dose and it still worked well. Each time he had symptoms I gave him some and it worked over and over. He is now 10 weeks old and has only had difficulty with gas a couple times in the past 2 weeks and it still works. This medicine really works and I have been telling new parents about it immediately. It has helped our family relax and our son feel better. Thank you.

None N.
none, AA

It really is a miracle in a bottle. I have recommended it to my pregnant friends, they should talk to the pediatrician first.... it saved me and my baby a lot of tears and sleepless nights... thank you... I'm glad it relieved teething as I'm preparing for that stag of my son's life. again thank so much...

Vera L.
Cedar Knolls, NJ

I personally would like to thank everyone at colic calm for discovering and getting this product out to be available. It has been a savior for my baby girl and myself. She had the immature tummy (reflux) and got hiccups constantly due to lack of burping. I had tried so many other things and nothing helped and medication from the doctors was going to be my last resort until I found you guys. She only required two doses a day, but the turn around in her behavior was astonishing. She became a happy, calm ,content baby who could finally burp. She is now 3mths old and no longer needs the product. Thank you so much again for discovering this and I have and will always spread the word about your wonderful product....

Elizabeth E.
Chula Vista, CA

We have a two month old that was born on 10/20/2009. We brought her home two days later and just about every night since her birth was miserable until we came across Colic calm a month later upon a friend?s recommendation. I ordered it, it arrived 3 days later and all three of our lives changed that evening. As expected, I came back from work and she was in discomfort again, so I tried to console her as I usually would as it was my turn and it had become routine at this point. A few minutes later, the wife mentioned that I had a package so I opened it, and it was Colic Calm. We read the dosage, tasted it and gave her the first dose without shaking the bottle well as clearly stated on the package!

Here is the exact order of the events that took place after she ingested the medicine. She immediately stopped screaming and flailing her arms and legs, she then looked in my eyes and cracked half a smile, after which she completely relaxed and fell asleep. This all happened within 90 seconds. It was magical. That was all the proof we needed.

Side Note

Unlike the wife who had experienced this with nephews and nieces in the past, our daughter is my first so I had no prior experience dealing with colicky babies. However, by the third night after we brought her home, we knew something was wrong and we were sure of the source of the discomfort. That night while my wife nursed her for comfort /relieve her pain, I ran a search for "stomach discomfort in babies" on Google. I heard the words Colic and Colicky from friends in the past so when Colic Calm came up in the search results, I opened the link and spent about 20 minutes on the page. I absorbed as much information on colic as I could and went back to the room to regurgitate all the info to the wife, and we both agreed that our daughter was severely colicky.

All the pages on the Colic Calm site are very informational; so informational that I thought I was on something like a WebMD page for babies after the page opened. There was'?t much on the page to indicate that there was product to be purchased. There are subtle inferences to the product but a picture like the one on the Home Page would have done the trick and I wouldn't have wasted money on Baby's Bliss.

Olu A.
White Plains, NY

I received your email so I wanted to take time to tell you our story and how much Colic Calm has been a blessing to us.
We first gave Colic Calm to our son when he was about 4 months old. It is such a blessing!!

Our Story:
Our son was born 1 month early due to me having Eclampsia. Our son nor I was expected to live. Then everything seemed fine but he was having stomach problems all the time. The doctors were starting to change his formula around but nothing was helping. When he was 4 weeks old we had to call an ambulance to our home. We almost lost him that night. He had to be transported to a Life Supported ambulance and be taken to the Children's hospital almost 2 hours away. Long story short he laid in the hospital on tubes etc for two weeks. They ran more and more tests to find that his intestines and stomach was mal-rotated. So at 6 weeks he had surgery. We thought his stomach problems would be fixed. But we learned quickly there was still a problem with his stomach no one could seem to fix. As weeks went on and on we saw more and more doctors, We were just praying that something would work. We were told he may have to have surgery again but his test came back ok. Praise God for that! This baby screamed day and night and spit-up (and or vomited) at least 30 times a day and the doctors saw enough to know we were telling the truth. They tried every formula out there, even prescription. We were told he had GERDS really bad so they put him on Prevacid and Zyrtec etc. Well he started having reactions and side effects to those medicines. So finally we decided we wanted a more natural approach! So we started researching and found Colic Calm. After we saw that he responded so good, we took him off his medicine! Well we knew the formula was still a problem so we started backing him off the formula. Before he was 6 months old, with the Colic Calm, he does NOT take bottles, he does NOT drink formula, he is NOT on medication and he eats 3 meals a day!! He does not cry and scream with his stomach any more!! He does NOT get sick anymore! Two of his doctors has approved all of this and says the Colic Calm is a good thing!!! Thank you so much for making such a difference in our lives. It feels like we have a brand new baby boy! He is now 8 months old and is such a happy healthy baby now!!! We may not know what was wrong with his stomach but prayers and Colic Calm fixed it!

We tell everyone we talk to about Colic Calm!

May Jesus bless you and this company! Thank you so much!
If you have any questions or anything please feel free to contact me!!!

May Jesus Bless you,

The Godfreys

Amber Faith G.
Houma, LA

I did my research first before purchasing your product. I read the other reviews and decided to give it a shot. Although some sites and pharmacies claim it is unhealthy to give your infant charcoal I trusted your product from what I read on your site. Colic Calm has done wonders for my 3rd baby. I used Colic Ease for my second child and she still had to use a prescribed anti-acid medicine. With Colic Calm I love the fact that you ONLY give it when needed and that it works instantaneously to calm your fussy baby. My daughter is even on an expensive formula (Nutramigen) but still gets bad belly aches at times. When I give her a dose of Colic Calm she immediately calms down and will either shut her eyes to sleep or be able to start or finish her bottle or even sit and watch things. I started giving Colic Calm at 3 1/2 weeks and my daughter is almost 8 weeks and I just purchased my second bottle. So THANK YOU Colic Calm for making my life and my infants life less stressful and more rewarding as now we spend less time trying to calm our baby and more time enjoying each other.

PS-I did recommend Colic Calm to my local health food store as they only carry a Gripe Water without the charcoal.

Alison B.
Moxee, WA

Just wanted to share that my 7 week old son started on colic calm at 5 weeks of age and wow have we seen a change in him. He has acid reflux and was a baby that always and i mean always had to be held. he would not sleep unless we were holding him and if he was awake he was crying unless we swaddled and rocked. He was constantly wanted to nurse and after 5 weeks of this I was sleep deprived at emotionally drained trying to care for him and our 2 year old son. He was started on prevacid by the pediatrician and that helped some but he was just miserable and so were we. I searched online and found the website for colic calm. Reading the pages and pages of testimonials I thought this would probably be a gimmick and a waste of my money but I was desperate to try anything. My sons doctor suggested gripe water but did not specify a brand. I liked what I saw on colic calms website but was very skepitcal that it would work for our son. As soon as I got it we tried it and WOW.... AMAZING. Our red faced, rigid belly baby, that was crying and grunting with so much pain and hiccups at least 5-6 times a day was peaceful and shortly after gave us his first smiles. This product worked within minutes and in the 2 weeks he has been getting it as needed he now sleeps well at night (although still upright in his swing... but hey at least we are not having to hold him 24 hours now) is a smiley happy baby. He does still have his occasional red faced, painful episodes but now I can actually do something about it by giving him colic calm and within minutes he feels so well he is able to drift off to sleep. Thanks so much for allowing these first few weeks to go from miserable and wishing the time to go by so he would feel better to now enjoying each day and relishing the moments of him being a newborn. If only I had known about this with my first born.....

Dana K.
Shelbyville, KY

Unfortunately my daughter inherited a sensitive stomach like myself. I bought Colic Calm because one of the main ingredients is charcoal. It seems to work really well. I have been happy with the results.

Nicholas V.
Chattanooga, TN

My baby was unfortunately diagnosed with Acid Reflux. I was quite desperate to find something that could help him because he was not sleeping much at all either day or night and appeared to be in so much discomfort that was heatbreaking.

I found colic calm online after doing some research and after the first dose we noticed the difference. He is now taking other medicines as well for the reflux, but colic calm definetely was a huge help! Thank you for your product! I tried a different gripe water while waiting for my order to arrive but the difference in the actual consistency of the product made a big difference. Because the colic calm is thicker, he didn't spit it out unlike the other gripe water.

Patricia S.
Honolulu, HI

Your product is great and works miracles. It has helped my baby with not only his gas, but also his reflux. Keep making your wonderful product. I love that it is all natural!

Heather L.
Tidioute, PA

Your product is fantastic, and Im so grateful that we found it. I feel good about giving my daughter an all natural product instead of an over the counter medication. Gas drops and switch formulas was not giving her much relief, and she was having crying spells often during the day. We have been using Colic Calm for about a month now, and since the very first dose it has relieved her instantly. She no longer has crying spells, spits up less often, and even sleeps better at night. We tell everyone about Colic Calm because it has helped our daughter so much. It would be great to see this product on the self of every drug store, so more families can benefit from its natural healing power. Thanks again.

Chris G.
Silver Grove, KY

Gripe water helps so much with fussiness and gas! Thanks so much for a great "lifesaving" product!

Ami A.
US Military, AA

Colic Calm is the BEST product in the world to treat colics. It has made an enormous difference to my baby's incessant crying and agony. Thank you so much for saving so many babies and parents (parents' nerves I mean!!) all over the planet. Your staff is also very professional, kind and patient. I have recommended your product to all of my friends and patients (I am an acupuncturist). When the orthodox medical profession leaves you stranded and powerless (considering colics "normal", would you believe!!), you come to the rescue with this amazing product. As a natural medicine practitioner, I fully endorse Colic Calm and I recommend it to anybody. Thank you so much for all your help.

Tiziana B.
US Military, AA

Thank you so much for such a great product. Our first grandson has been suffering with reflux for 2 weeks. Nothing would help not even those expensive medicines. Colic Calm helped instantly and my grandson has had peaceful sleep and so has his parents. We can finally see a smile on his little face. Colic Calm is the Best!!!!Thank you !! Thank You!!!

Rebecca M.
Glenn Heights, TX