It is estimated that nearly 25% of babies experience “colic” and 75% of infants and toddlers suffer the related conditions of gas discomfort or upset stomach. Surely no one is more motivated to find a solution than the parent of a suffering child. Fortunately, that is where you as a Colic CalmTM retailer, can help your customers find safe and natural relief. Colic CalmTM is the only gripe water that is:

  • An FDA listed homeopathic medicine
  • Treats infant colic, gas and upset stomach.
  • Safe and Free of Side Effects
  • Manufactured in the USA in an FDA inspected facility using the highest quality natural active ingredients
  • Complies with the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards for drugs and medicines.
  • Free of alcohol, sugar, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), simethicone, herbal oils and extracts, citric acid, artificial sweeteners, flavors and colors. In addition, there is NO wheat, gluten, soy, starch or dairy in our formula.
Retailer Presentation

Colic CalmTM is the premium “Colic” brand. No other product comes so highly recommended by pediatricians, doulas and midwives. For thousands of touching testimonials visit our testimonials page.

Colic CalmTM is actively promoted throughout the US and has also quickly become the #1 online brand. We are also featured in several parenting and health magazines, including the official guide of the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). Notably, many of our retailers have reported increased sales of related categories such as baby merchandise (e.g. bottles, diapering supplies, etc.) and health products (e.g. pharmacy, supplements, etc.). Most parents prefer to purchase Colic Calm in a local store rather than on-line as they want immediate access to the product and can also avoid shipping and handling fees. receives over 100,000 visitors a month and we refer those visitors directly to you. In short, by stocking Colic CalmTM you will generate significant new foot traffic to your store!

Tummy Calm, our latest addition to the product family is already proving to be a hot seller. Tummy Calm is the “Smart Alternative to Simethicone Gas Drops” and is a highly effective homeopathic remedy for treating discomfort from gas in infants and toddlers. For more information about Tummy Calm please visit

A Retail Partnership

As demand for our products has grown, so has the opportunity for retailers, distributors and wholesalers to partner with us. Whether you are a small or large retailer, alternative health provider, an individual with a broad network of associates or a large distributor, we have a reseller program that will work for you. You will receive:

  • An outstanding, proven and unique product with a large, growing customer base and a growing, recognized brand name
  • Attractive wholesale and distributor pricing and the support of a dedicated team
  • Excellent marketing support, a very informative web site, newsletters, the finest customer service
  • As a retail partner you get automatic placement and referral traffic from our store locator database
  • We are available to answer any questions… anytime

Wholesale Orders

As a Colic Calm or Tummy Calm retailer you have a variety of ways to order from us.

  • On-line orders can be placed using our on-line order form. Orders placed on-line are billed via Credit Card (VISA, MasterCard, Discover) or PayPal (American Express can be used in conjunction with PayPal). Please select UPS Ground as your shipping option.
  • Fax orders can be placed by printing, completing and faxing the paper based order form.
  • Email orders can be placed by e-mailing us at If you are an existing customer simply let us know the quantities your are requesting.
  • Phone orders can be placed by calling our customer service department at (877) 321-CALM or (562) 219-3232.
  • All non-full case orders may be split into multiple shipments and shipped from multiple distribution locations
Wholesale Orders

Colic Calm is available in two alternative formulations; Original and Plus. To find out which formula is right for you contact customer service.

Trade Inquiries and Product Information

If you are a interested in reselling our product and would like to request more information, brochures or a customer presentation we would love to hear from you. Please e-mail us at, or complete our contact form or call our customer service department at (877) 321-CALM. Our product presentation is also available for you to review on-line or in printed form.

Terms and Conditions

By becoming a Colic Calm distributor you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. On-line sellers will not retail at a price below and will maintain a minimum advertised price (MAP) of at least $18.95 per bottle.
  2. All sales are final. The consumer returns allowance is up to 5%. Physical units returned to us will be credited towards your next purchase. Please note that Colic Calm return rates are typically below 2%.
  3. You agree to respect our trademark and copyrighted content. You will not create copies of our web site, logo or other marketing collateral without prior written permission. You will not create deceptive or misleading advertising.
  4. Ketomi LLC only ships to US destinations. International buyers may wish to consider the use of a US based international freight forwarder.
  5. Orders generally ship within one business day. Buyer pays shipping charges.

What Retailers Are Saying

Retail Testimonials

“This is great stuff! It was recommended to us by one of our mammas, and now we can’t keep it on our shelves. I just placed another huge order yesterday!”

AquaNatal BirthCenter – Chino, CA

“Not only is Colic Calm our best selling product, it also creates great referral traffic for our other health services.”

Advanced Wellness Center – Long Beach, CA

“Colic Calm is a top-seller in my practice. It goes hand-in-hand beautifully with chiropractic care.”

Dr. D. Acoba, DC

“As a chiropractor who sees many infants, Colic Calm is a wonderful tool to give parents some immediate respite from the fussiness that comes with colic and often, GERD.  I like that it’s a homeopathic in nature and very easy to use.  Patients purchase it but also people I’ve never met come into the office, having been directed by the colic calm website.  It has opened the door of chiropractic for many families who otherwise may not have had information or access.  I will continue to recommend Colic Calm.”

Dr. Anik St Martin, DC – Lakeview, WA