How Do You Administer Gripe Water To A Baby?

Remedial Use through Bottle Feeding

Prophylactic and Remedial Use

It can be given either before onset of symptoms to provide preemptive relief or after symptoms occur. It can be mixed with breastmilk or formula prior to feedings. Care should be taken to avoid dosing an infant on a full stomach as the added abdominal pressure can cause regurgitation.

Dropper Administration

Frequency and Dosage

It is typically administered through an oral syringe or dropper. After shaking the bottle, the dose should be dispensed slowly between cheek and gums to prevent aspiration. Due to the risk of spillage, many parents use a bib or cloth placed under the chin to prevent spillage or staining. Another option is a medical pacifier such as the Numimed or Munchkin used to dispense liquid medicines. Always check the label for correct direction and dosage amounts. Colic Calm can be taken at 60 minute intervals, up to 4 times per day. Use up to ¼ teaspoon for children under 20lbs or ½ teaspoon for children over 20lbs.

Baby Swaddling

Alternative Remedies for Colic and Gas in Infants

Other common colic therapies include tummy massage, white noise, massage, swaddling and swinging. It is important for parents to weigh their options and discuss their child’s condition with their doctor before embarking on any course of treatment.