10 Things That Only Make Sense If You’re A Military Mom

10 Things That Only Make Sense If You’re A Military Mom


1. We read everything we can about becoming a mom but there’s really nothing out there that prepares us for being a military mom.

Mom Reading

2. We don’t know if we want to encourage our kids to be like their dad or discourage them from joining the military, too. We’re torn between pride and fear, so we just hold them close while we can.

Joining Military

3. It’s always important to have a backup plan. And it’s always important to tell our kids that we have one. The only thing certain in military life is the uncertainty, so being prepared with Plan B and maybe even a Plan C is the key to keeping our little ones from feeling insecure.

Backup Plan

4. Camo is a solid. At least our kids will wear it as a solid. It goes with everything and comes in every pattern and color. We might as well embrace it because our husbands won’t be the only ones wearing it.

Camo Is A Solid

5. It’s hard to let our kids play with civilian kids sometimes – especially if they’re not a family that plays with toy guns, grenades, or battle tanks. But kids are kids and they always find common ground.

Kids Playing With Civilian Kids

6. It’s ok to miss Dad when he’s gone but it’s more fun to plan for his return. Have a countdown calendar. Plan your welcome home outfits and start working on your signs. Put up a clock that shows the time in Daddy’s time zone. Don’t pretend like he’s not gone but don’t dwell on it either. We know that our kids are watching us and looking to us to show them how to respond to this difficult situation. So, when we show them that we are waiting with expectancy, the excitement can’t help but be contagious.

Countdown Calendar For Military Dad Coming Home

7. Saying goodbye to friends is hard but everyone has to say goodbye to someone at some point. It’s part of life. But one of the best parts about being in the military is having friends all over the world that we can visit when you travel.

Saying Goodbye To Friends

8. Kids’ bedrooms always get unpacked first. Once their toys are in place and their beds are made, that sense of familiarity gives them comfort and it gives us a few hours to unpack other rooms in our new home.

Kids Room

9. Military life can be a great adventure. Or a horrific nightmare. Or many things in between. Our kids believe what we tell them with our words and our actions so how we handle the curve balls of military life is equivalent to how safe and secure our children will feel in their ever-changing world. This is why #4 is so important. Despite the term “military brat”, we know that military kids are some of the most amazing, resourceful, resilient, and inspiring kids in the world.

Military Family Life Adventure

10. The phrase “Semper Gumby” was created with humor to explain that military families are “always flexible”, and we know this is truly our way of life. Our children exemplify flexibility and resilience every day. And we couldn’t be prouder of the fine, adjusted, exemplary young people that we’re raising.

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