She Finally Found What She Was Looking For

Baby Maddie and her battle with colic

Kimberly is mom to a beautiful 6-month-old beauty named Maddie. Maddie, like most babies her age, has experienced ups and downs when it comes to digestive challenges. Luckily she is often comforted by simple breastfeeding and a sweet cuddle with mommy and daddy. As she has grown older, she has started experiencing gas pains, colic, and periods of inconsolable crying. Unfortunately, the guaranteed go-to remedies (breastfeeding and cuddle time) were no longer working to help relieve Maddie's discomfort. Thus began her search for answers.

Like most moms in her predicament, Kimberly dove right into the internet. She knew that some suggestions such as bicycle leg exercises, offering plain water, or cuddling her pain away were not going to work for Maddie.

Initially she tried probiotics. They helped with Maddie’s constipation, but not her gas pains. As time progressed, Kimberly wasn’t able to identify if her pains were related to gas, colic, or teething. She resorted to using Tylenol to end it once and for all, but with no success. She even visited her pediatrician and all they recommended was more probiotics.

One day she was browsing through the web for “griper water”. Then she came across the image of Colic Calm on our official website. She loved the image of the happy baby, the natural active ingredients, and the customer reviews. This piqued her curiosity and she found herself on the Colic Calm FB page. She loved seeing real moms sharing their own experience with Colic Calm. She realized that she had everything to gain at this point.

Kimberly used the medicine the first time after breastfeeding. She anticipated using more than one dose on the first day, but to her surprise Maddie was a happy baby all night long. After feeling puzzled and misled by other options, she finally found what she was looking for. Kimberly stated that Maddie is now a Colic Calm baby, and will definitely graduate to Tummy Calm when the time comes.

We love our littlest clients, and are proud to hear that we made a huge difference. It is an honor that Kimberly and Maddie chose to be members of the Colic Calm family. Our goal is to bring peace and calm to each and every family.


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