First Impressions Are the Most Important!!


Sage is Kayla's first baby and she is currently one month old. She was breastfeeding her baby for her first week of life when she was transitioned to formula. Then the challenges began. She started to experience the symptoms of Colic. As many Colic Calm families know that it comes with its share of ongoing fussiness and sleepless nights. She attributed her discomfort possibly to Sage's intolerance to cows milk and considered switching to soy. After failed attempts in finding relief for sage, she reached out to her pediatrician.

Her pediatrician immediately recommended Colic Calm. She's never heard about Colic Calm nor knew much about homeopathic medications in general. She was extremely skeptical. She recalls reading the label and the instructions over 20 times just to be sure. She didn't have faith that the content of this little bottle will give Sage the much needed relief. After all that she has been through, she thought it was too good to be true. It sounded too simple, she was extremely reluctant.

Kayla recalls the first time she used Colic Calm. It was while she and her husband were out at lunch. Sage began to get extremely fussy and knowing that she just changed her diaper and wasn't hungry, it was time to give Colic Calm a try. The moment she gave a dose she stopped crying and immediately became calm. She was so calm that she even fell asleep. Kayla was just stunned and amazed. After spending time and money for months trying different options out in the market (formula, gas drops, air vent bottles, etc..), all it took was this simple, all natural homeopathic medication.

After the first time she knew that this was the best thing for her family. As Kayla stated "After all, first impressions are the most important!! I absolutely love Colic Calm". She has a new appreciation for homeopathic medication. She was so convinced of her new found love for Colic Calm that she even entered the "Seeing is believing" video contest to share how it helped her baby. We are excited to say that we have gained another Colic Calm fan for life!


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