How Does Gripe Water Work?

What is the mechanism of action?

These products do contain natural ingredients that have traditionally been used for conditions that may be related to colic:

  • Gas / Wind – medicinal carbon (e.g. Carbo Vegetabilis or Activated charcoal) contained in Colic Calm has been shown to reduce the symptoms of abdominal discomfort attributable to gaseousness more effectively than synthetic anti-gas drugs such as simethicone.
  • Intestinal Bacteria – Good bacteria (probiotics) are essential for a healthy gut. A connection between colic and development of probiotics in the infant immature digestion is emerging but not proven. There is some evidence that herbs such as fennel, lemon balm and peppermint inhibit the growth of bad bacteria and promote growth of good ones.
  • Digestive Aid – Evidence suggests that herbal extracts from fennel seed, lemon balm, peppermint and ginger may aid digestion by increasing enzyme production, reducing intestinal spasms and increase motility of the small intestines. These herbs are also commonly used in folk medicine for functional gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Irritability and Restlessness – are two behaviors exhibited by all colicky babies. Herbs such as chamomile and lemon balm have shown promise in treating anxiety, irritability and sleep disturbances.
  • Heartburn / Indigestion – one controversial theory is that colic is caused by gastroesophageal reflux. Activated charcoal has been used in a combination to treat ingestion. Traditional herbal medicines to treat indigestion include caraway, dill, ginger, lemon balm and peppermint.

Dosages may not correspond to those used in the cited studies. Furthermore, children’s doses generally require adjustment for weight and surface area. Homeopathic medicines typically use very small doses that operate according to the principles of homeopathy for which dosages are not analogous.

Even though there are no sedatives in Colic Calm, many parents report that with the first dose, their little one begins to sleep peacefully after experiencing relief.

What Parents Are Saying

Parent Testimonials

“Thank you so much for a great product. Your product has brought peace and comfort back to our house. Our daughter never had colic, but she did suffer from horrible pain due to tummy discomforts. When she is in pain it breaks our heart. We have tried different brands of grip water, but Colic Calm is the only one that brought her complete relief. Thanks again from our household.”

Haily D. – Henderson, NV

“My baby did not have colic but he did have problems with excessive spit up and hiccups. I wasn’t willing to stop breastfeeding him and switch to a spit up reducing formula so I decided to try colic calm. It DOES work to cure the worst hiccups (and gas) quickly and I noticed that for a full 12 hours after my son is given a small dose he doesn’t spit up hardly at all. (This is in stark contrast to the 4-7 outfits he drenches per day!) Colic calm is VERY black and fairly thick and we found the best way to avoid scrubbing it out of laundry is to strip him down to a diaper and then give it to him. Or administer during bath time so you can wash offwhat is spit out. I am pleased with my purchase and even though we don’t use it every day,I am comforted knowing it is in the medicine cabinet. So if your baby is spitting up so violently that its coming out his nose and nearlysuffocating him at night, you should give colic calm a try!”

Shanta S. – Humble, TX

“We have a two month old that was born on 10/20/2009. We brought her home two days later and just about every night since her birth was miserable until we came across Colic calm a month later upon a friend?s recommendation. I ordered it, it arrived 3 days later and all three of our lives changed that evening. As expected, I came back from work and she was in discomfort again, so I tried to console her as I usually would as it was my turn and it had become routine at this point. A few minutes later, the wife mentioned that I had a package so I opened it, and it was Colic Calm. We read the dosage, tasted it and gave her the first dose without shaking the bottle well as clearly stated on the package! Here is the exact order of the events that took place after she ingested the medicine. She immediately stopped screaming and flailing her arms and legs, she then looked in my eyes and cracked half a smile, after which she completely relaxed and fell asleep. This all happened within 90 seconds. It was magical. That was all the proof we needed. Side Note Unlike the wife who had experienced this with nephews and nieces in the past, our daughter is my first so I had no prior experience dealing with colicky babies. However, by the third night after we brought her home, we knew something was wrong and we were sure of the source of the discomfort. That night while my wife nursed her for comfort /relieve her pain, I ran a search for “stomach discomfort in babies” on Google. I heard the words Colic and Colicky from friends in the past so when Colic Calm came up in the search results, I opened the link and spent about 20 minutes on the page. I absorbed as much information on colic as I could and went back to the room to regurgitate all the info to the wife, and we both agreed that our daughter was severely colicky. All the pages on the Colic Calm site are very informational; so informational that I thought I was on something like a WebMD page for babies after the page opened. There was’?t much on the page to indicate that there was product to be purchased. There are subtle inferences to the product but a picture like the one on the Home Page would have done the trick and I wouldn’t have wasted money on Baby’s Bliss.”

Olu A. – White Plains, NY

“Thanks to Colic Calm, my beautiful daughter hope can now rest her pretty little tears for something else now. My husband Stephen and I have tried Colic Calm and as other parents agree it works. Now my daughter doesn’t cry in pain and is a happy little baby… if you’re a new parent like us and your child doesn’t or won’t stop crying this is for you, I can feel your pain… thanks.”

Rachel O. – Everett, WA