Is Gripe Water Effective?

Worldwide, it has been used by millions of parents, many of whom swear by this fast acting and effective remedy for their child’s colic or gas. Relief is typically achieved within a few minutes. Many pediatricians and holistic medical practitioners recommend it to their patients and use the product for their own children:

Medical Testimonials
Colic Calm had an amazing effect on my baby boy. We tried everything to no avail. I’ve not seen anything so amazing as Colic Calm. What a valuable breakthrough. Now I am actually considering having another child! I had my sister run out and get some for her baby who had reflux. What a difference it made for them, too.
– Dr. Geneva Lejeune, M.D., Pediatrician, Shreveport, LA
Just last week, I was able to take a baby off Zantac and simply use Colic Calm for reflux.
– Dr. Angela D’Alessandro, D.O., M.D., Pediatrician, Ridgewood, NJ
Excellent product! We used everything. This is the ONLY thing that worked for my daughter’s colic!
– Dr. Shahreen Hussain-Malik, M.D., Pediatrician, Phoenix, AZ

Despite the strong anecdotal evidence, the skeptics point out that gripe water has not undergone clinical studies as remedies for colic. Although the research is limited, an article published in Pediatrics notes that there is some encouraging evidence that fennel extract and some herbal teas could relieve colic symptoms. Ironically, simethicone an anti-gas drug which is frequently prescribed for colic has been shown in at least 3 clinical studies to be no more effective than placebo.

What Parents Are Saying

Parent Testimonials

“I bought Colic Calm thinking that it probably wouldn’t work. After all. we had tried EVERYTHING for my 8 week old daughter – to no avail! To my surprise the colic calm worked with the very first dose! Before we would rock, swing, sway, give warm baths, and use a pacifier! Now, we don’t even need her “binky”! She is so comfortable – I can’t thank you enough for this product!”

Britta – MA

“My baby did not have colic but he did have problems with excessive spit up and hiccups. I wasn’t willing to stop breastfeeding him and switch to a spit up reducing formula so I decided to try colic calm. It DOES work to cure the worst hiccups (and gas) quickly and I noticed that for a full 12 hours after my son is given a small dose he doesn’t spit up hardly at all. (This is in stark contrast to the 4-7 outfits he drenches per day!) Colic calm is VERY black and fairly thick and we found the best way to avoid scrubbing it out of laundry is to strip him down to a diaper and then give it to him. Or administer during bath time so you can wash offwhat is spit out. I am pleased with my purchase and even though we don’t use it every day,I am comforted knowing it is in the medicine cabinet. So if your baby is spitting up so violently that its coming out his nose and nearly suffocating him at night, you should give colic calm a try!”

Shanta S. – Humble, TX

“I purchased Colic Calm about a week ago and had my doubts that anything could help my son. There was an ongoing joke at our house, “Is it 8 o’clock?”.. Notice the word “was”. My son has been on reflux meds and soy formula for at least half of his 12 1/2 weeks of life. He also struggled daily with terrible gas and a hard time sleeping. When we first gave him the Colic Calm, I thought, well maybe it does help. Fast forward to this morning at 3am. He woke up for a feeding and began to grunt and tense up shortly after he finished his bottle. I tried and tried to comfort him and at 4:30, I finally thought about the bottle of Colic Calm sitting on the counter. I gave him a dose and HONESTLY, in less than 5 minutes, he was sound asleep. Now I know for a fact this stuff really works. When I made my order, I was to the point where I would try anything, even though I really didn’t think it would work. I cannot function on 4 hours of sleep a night and sore arms from trying to hold a crying baby for hours. Thank you so much for a wonderful product! There are no more 8 o’clock jokes at our house! The only thing you might add to your website is how it looks! HA! It was so strange giving my baby something so black, even though he loved the taste of it instantly. Now we laugh at the little black mustache he gets! It’s a sign of a happy tummy! Thank you again!”

Tysha F. – Burleson, TX

“I ordered Colic Calm when my son was 5 weeks old. It made a huge difference! My son went from sleeping 3-4 hours per night to sleeping 10-12. He has done this since 5 weeks and he is now 7 months! I swear by this product. I told my cousin about this and she ordered it right away. She has had phenomenal results. Her son, 3 weeks, went from sleeping for only 2 hours to 5 hours the first night she gave it to him. After her experience, she brought it to her pediatrician. Her pediatrician highly recommends homeopathic remedies. After reading the ingredients, she jotted down the info and is now going to recommend it to the rest of her patients!! This product has truly saved lives!!!”

Jennifer E. – Crestline, CA