Is Gripe Water Safe?

It is safe as long as the product is properly preserved. Given the popularity of this product there are very few reported problems. Family physician, Dr. Anne Eglash, says that ginger, fennel and other ingredients should be safe for babies. With any ingestible product, there is a small chance your child could be allergic to one of the ingredients. Signs of allergy may include skin rash, watery eyes, swelling of the lips or tongue, trouble swallowing or breathing, vomiting, or diarrhea.

Examine carefully both the active and inactive ingredients in gripe water for babies. The preservatives in some brands, such as EDTA and parabens are potentially harmful and should be avoided.

Always consult your physician before administering any medication or supplement to your baby.

What Parents Are Saying

Parent Testimonials

“This product is worth EVERY penny it cost! I tried expensive formulas, constant burping, belly/back rubbing, gas drops, EVERYTHING, and then I found this product on the internet. It is available at CVS (which is everywhere) and cost $20. Ever since I have used this product I have had no sad, crying, gassy or colic from my grand baby (3 months old). What a blessing to have a happy baby that doesn’t hurt. I highly recommend this product!!”

Faith – Phoenix, AZ

“I just can’t say enough great things about Colic Calm. I am trying to get this product on the shelves at local health food store. It will happen soon. Great product for babies with acid reflux. I keep colic calm on me at all times encase my son (7mos) has an episode. This is the ONLY product that has helped him.”

Kristi C. – Chico, CA

“My third son, was born just 1 hour after arriving to the hospital! The first few days, I watched him closely because both my other sons had reflux to the point where they REFUSED to nurse at almost every feeding. This led to pumping/bottle feeding with my first son and night feedings with my second son since he didn’t get enough calories in the daytime. I was determined not to have such a terrible time with my third son. After discussing it with my doctor, we decided that I should not have excessive dairy as a precaution from the get-go. Even with the dietary restrictions of all the typical gassy foods and dairy, by one month, he was refusing to nurse. Thankfully, a friend told me about Colic Calm. Although my doctor had not heard of it, he told me to try the Colic Calm for a week in addition to the complete elimination of all dairy from my diet. He also gave me an RX for Zantac that I could fill at any time, if needed. Within that week, I saw a total transformation! My son was eating well, taking excellent naps and sleeping well at night! I finally got to see the real demeanor of my sweet boy, since the pain was GONE! I was thrilled that I never had to fill the RXs the days and weeks turned to months, the doctor and I thought maybe we could wean him off of the Colic Calm since I was watching my diet even more closely. Plus, I was getting to the end of the first bottle and could 1/8 tsp a day really be making a difference? The week after he was off the Colic Calm was probably the most trying week of my life! He refused to nurse every feeding again and virtually never slept during the day plus was up at night making up the calories that he had been refusing all day. It took me a few days to realize that the change was not a cold/sickness or something I accidentally ate but that the difference was the absence of Colic Calm. Once he was back on the Colic Calm, within a few days, he was his old sweet self again. This is proof to me that Colic Calm is well worth the investment! It is safe and effective. Can you really put a price tag on a happy pain-free baby?”

Kara M.

“My husband and I started using Colic Calm for our son about 2 months ago. We were having such a difficult time with him and his colic issues, and I found your Colic Calm on the Internet. His pediatrician had switched his formula 6 times, but it didn’t help him at all. Then I found Colic Calm on the Internet and called her and asked if it was okay to give him, and she said yes. Since the very first night we gave it to him it helped TREMENDOUSLY!!!! We love Colic Calm as it helps ease his discomforts and help him sleep. We did also purchase the pacifier dispenser, which I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to use Colic Calm, as it can get pretty messy without it. Thanks for such a great product. The only time I will stop buying Colic Calm is when he is over his colic. thanks!”

Sheri C. – South Elgin, IL