Little Precious Bundle of Crankiness

Rhea and BaeliRhea was not a stranger to colic. Her sister’s babies had all suffered from colic. Knowing full well how challenging it is to care for a child with colic, Rhea immediate went on a search for a solution when her own daughter showed the very first signs of it . Her “little precious bundle of crankiness,” as she fondly calls her baby, Baeli, started showing extreme fussiness, most notable by "scrunching her body in pain" at about 3 months of age. Rhea tried many of the gas drops and gripe waters out on the market. Though those products didn't work, it did often take the edge off to hold Baeli non-stop. Unfortunately, Baeli would cry the moment she took her out of her arms. As a busy mom, she couldn’t do anything else because her days and nights were occupied by Baeli’s need to be held at all times. She heard from many friends and family that car rides can sometimes help babies calm down, but that was not an answer for Baeli. Rhea recalls going on a 16-hour drive to see her grandparents when Baeli was 2 months. Calling it a nightmare would be an understatement, she says. She knew traveling with Baeli’s tummy troubles was going to be a daunting task. It ended up being a huge ordeal, in fact. Living in a remote area (in a small town), she exhausted all of her resources. Then she came across a Facebook feed about Colic Calm. She dove right in and learned as much as she could about the promising remedy. Her favorite part of Colic Calm was that it was homeopathic. She is a fan of homeopathic and has always chosen a natural lifestyle. She knew she was not going to give any pharmaceutical products to Baeli before exhausting all natural options. So she went straight to her nearest Babies “R” Us and grabbed a bottle of Colic Calm that very evening. That was the last day that she would ever experience difficult episodes again. The sleepless nights, the painful screams, and her “little precious bundle of crankiness” has finally found some peace and harmony. Colic Calm was the answer that she had been looking for all along, and she was so grateful that the search was over. One of Rhea's top goals now is to help other mommies and daddies out there find their answer just like she did. That's why she is sharing her story with you now. Never underestimate a mother on a mission. Baeli certainly thanks her mama for it!


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