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Medical Testimonials

Thousands of medical professionals across the country including pediatricians, family doctors, chiropractors, pediatric nurses and lactation consultants are recommending Colic Calm to their patients and indeed use it for their own children.

Many doctors feel that the natural, safe and effective ingredients of Colic Calm are preferable to harsh prescription drugs like Proton Pump Inhibitors and H2 blockers, ineffective synthetic anti-gas drugs like simethicone or indeed the dietary supplement brands of gripe water that are not FDA-registered.

Here is what just some of the medical professionals, many of whom are also Colic Calm customers, are saying. If you are a medical professional and would like to obtain Colic Calm brochures for your office please enroll here or send an email with the quantities required to For all other inquiries please visit our contact page.

What the Medical Community is Saying About Colic Calm

Medical Testimonials

“Colic Calm had an amazing effect on my baby boy.  We tried everything to no avail. I’ve not seen anything so amazing as Colic Calm.  What a valuable breakthrough.  Now I am actually considering having another child! I had my sister run out and get some for her baby who had reflux.  What a difference it made for them, too.”

Dr. Geneva Lejeune, M.D., Pediatrician, Shreveport, LA

“Just last week, I was able to take a baby off Zantac and simply use Colic Calm for reflux.”

Dr. Angela D’Alessandro, D.O., M.D., Pediatrician, Ridgewood, NJ

“My patients love Colic Calm!”

Dr. Alice Li, M.D., Pediatrician, Flushing, NY

“Excellent product!  We used everything…gripe water, gas drops and homeopathic treatments.  This is the ONLY thing that worked for my daughter’s colic!”

Dr. Shahreen Hussain-Malik, M.D., Pediatrician, Phoenix, AZ

“I always recommend to my patients…also my friends who have infants with gas and colic, and they thank me for it.  What a great product!”

Dr. Jude Cope, M.D., D.O., Pediatrician, Richmond, VA

“As a busy Pediatrician and father of young twin girls, I have seen firsthand the overwhelming effects that babies suffering with Colic can have on their parents and families. I was delighted when I learned about Colic Calm. Colic Calm incorporates natural ingredients to reduce colic symptoms. It contains no sugar, no artificial flavors, has no side effects, and is manufactured in the United States. I frequently recommend Colic Calm for my patients because it provides safe, natural relief for symptoms of colic.  Our parent feedback has been tremendously positive and our patient’s symptoms improved in almost all instances!”

Dr. Steven E. Rahman, M.D., Pediatrician, Lake Worth, FL

“Thank you for this wonderful product – it has done miracles for my son. He is able to sleep for longer than 30 minutes now and he has a much easier time with bowel movements. Colic Calm has significantly reduced his gas and pain, and I am very relieved as a parent. As a family physician, I now recommend your product, friendly and fast service and great attitude to my patients.”

Dr. Alexandra Frye, M.D., Family Physician, Hawaii

“Colic Calm represents an encouraging breakthrough. It even helped my grandson.”

Dr. R. Mendoza, M.D., Pediatrician, Texas

“I like that your product is all-natural. It was the lactation consultant that works with me that told me about Colic Calm and I now recommend it to my patients.”

Dr. Valeria Salinas, M.D., Pediatrician, Florida

“I have been using Colic Calm on my 1 year old and am very happy with the result.”

Dr. James S. Park, D.C., Chiropractor, Washington

“As a chiropractor who sees many infants, Colic Calm is a wonderful tool to give parents some immediate respite from the fussiness that comes with colic and often, GERD.  I like that it’s a homeopathic in nature and very easy to use.  Patients purchase it but also people I’ve never met come into the office, having been directed by the colic calm website.  It has opened the door of chiropractic for many families who otherwise may not have had information or access.  I will continue to recommend Colic Calm.”

Dr. Anik St Martin, D.C., Chiropractor, Washington

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!  It works wonderfully!  We tried Mylicon and Gripe Water, and Colic Calm was the cure!  It is truly a miracle!”

Dr. Angela Pike, Pharmacist, South Carolina

“Being a Registered Nurse for over 35 years I was very skeptical as I researched some “miracle drug” to help my newborn grandson. It was such a blessing when I read about Colic Calm and ordered two bottles on the advice of my brother who is a pharmacist but researches and authors books/articles on natural remedies. He read the literature on your product and assured this grandmother it was safe for our little angel. It has been our only relief for the past five weeks of this child’s life. It works instantly! Thank you so much for helping bring joy into this family.”

Cathy Morris, R.N., Registered Nurse, South Carolina

“My son was diagnosed at 3 weeks of age with colic. He screamed for most of the day and nothing I did or gave him, including the over-the-counter gripe waters, would soothe his discomfort. I began doing research online to find ANYTHING that would help to relieve his discomfort and came across the Colic Calm website. I ordered it and after receiving it (just 2 days after the order was placed using regular standard delivery!), gave it to my son and in SECONDS he was calm and happy. I almost didn’t believe it and thought maybe it was just a coincidence, but EVERY time I gave Colic Calm to him, he immediately stopped crying and was the happy little boy I knew! Thank you SO much for this wonderful product! I am a pediatric nurse and I have referred this product to several of my patient’s families as well as my friends!”

Lori Plans, R.N., Registered Nurse, Pennsylvania

“My infant granddaughter had a cardiac condition, and we just couldn’t let her get upset. Colic Calm was heaven sent! It always delivered when we needed it, which was often.”

Marie Smisek, R.N., Registered Nurse, N. Redington Beach, FL

“I really thank you for Colic Calm. I wanted to stop by to let you know how much it helped my son who is now 3. We just love your product.”

A. B. MD, Millsboro, DE

“This stuff is simply awesome. I love it.”

K. E. MD, Hopewell Junction, NY

“This stuff is amazing!! I have been a Pediatric Gastroenterology Nurse for the past 4 years and have a 6 week old baby. Knowing the ins-and-outs of GI, I tried everything to help my son, including multiple formula changes and medication. His gas and irritability was uncontrollable and I was at a loss. I felt not only had I failed as a Mom soothing my child, but also as a Nurse. With that in mind, I decided to give your gripe water a try. With just one dose and a short period of time, my sons gas was gone. His belly did not look distended anymore, he was happy, and fell asleep and STAYED ASLEEP with ease. I highly recommend this product and will be sure to pass along this product to my patients. Thank you for making my son the happy baby I knew he always was and helping a first time Mom.”

Janeen A., Pediatric Gastroenterology Nurse, Seymour, Connecticut

“My 8 month old has reflux and was spitting up continuously and regurgitating his food. He was always uncomfortable. Since starting Colic Calm he is a new child. He is bib free and truly much more comfortable. Being a pediatric nurse I am very familiar with reflux and the medications that doctors prescribe, and for the most part they do not work. I was totally against experimenting with meds such as Zantac for my son, so Colic Calm was a godsend. I have recommended it to a number of mom’s including some of my patients.”

Tara Della Polla, Pediatric Nurse, New York

“My advice is give it 3 days.  My little one responded 5 minutes after the 1st dose it was amazing.  But then the next few doses didn’t work as well they helped but not like the 1st time I gave it to him.  However after 3 days of constantly giving it to him (3-5 doses/day) he really started to respond. Now every time I give it to him he calms right down…and smiles….I have never seen him smile so much.  His symptoms before I started giving it to him where crying, painful gas, he would kick his legs over and over and over again and would not stop crying, I would just cry with him, I felt so helpless. I still have to burp him quite often but it is night and day with this stuff. Thanks for your product. P.S.  I have a doctor in pharmacy and am not always so open to homeopathic regimes….I did not expect this to work…I tried Prevacid RX , Mylicon, and much more prior to giving this a shot.”

Dr. Megan Harr, Pharm.D., Idaho

“I have been using Colic Calm in my practice for over two years. It is my first choice for treating infant gas symptoms. So far it has proven to have no allergic reactions or side effects due to the homeopathic ingredients. I love it and many clients have come to me asking to buy for their friends infants. I found it works within minutes to relieve bloating, gas pain and stomach cramps. I recommend it as first choice for every infant with the similar symptoms.”

Harminder Singh, D.H.M.S, Homeopathic Vibes, California

“I am a Registered Nurse and very impressed with your product. Thank you for being such a consistently great company.”

Kristin Perkins, R.N., Registered Nurse, My Lucky Babies, California

“We absolutely love Colic Calm!! Talk about a lifesaver! Our son had such horrendous problems with gas and we’ve tried so many different formulas to help. He would cry for 7 hours straight and absolutely NOTHING worked to calm him down before we found this product. Within 15 minutes he goes from screaming at the top of his lungs to completely calm and often sleeping peacefully! I could not believe how well if worked our first time that we tried it. I work as a lab tech in a family practice clinic, and I’ve been recommending it to all the moms that I come into contact with that are having problems with their little ones. Thank you for producing such a great product, all natural alternative for infants with digestive issues! I will certainly be using Colic Calm on all our future children as well.”

Courtney Newton, Family Practice Lab Technician, Wisconsin

“We love your product and so do our patients!”

Fife Chiropractic and Health Awareness Center, Washington

“We have been providing Colic Calm Plus to our patients at The Good Family Chiropractic Center for about a year now.  We see a lot of pregnant women & babies in our office and they are always looking for natural remedies for colic, gas & reflux.  Almost everyone that has used this product for their babies has had a positive result.  We only use natural products in our office so we proudly display Colic Calm because it Homeopathic, with no side effects! Thank you for your dedication to a safe & effective product for our patients.”

Drs. Michael & Katie Sarnoff, The Good Family Chiropractic Center, New Jersey

“Colic Calm has helped us finally get some sleep. We tried  everything for our nine week old baby. Colic calm  has been the only thing that helps her in the evenings. We used to have to put her in her swing or chair to sleep but now she goes in her crib and is  sleeping for 6-7 hour a night. As a nurse I was not sure about a product that could instantly help but after reading the comments I decided to order. I am very happy that I did. Our little girl is finally getting some rest!”

Mary Bierman, R.N., Registered Nurse, South Carolina

“I wanted to write and say thank you so much for your amazing product, it really has “saved” my son by making him so much more comfortable. We had tried many different types of gripe waters that are on the market and nothing worked. My husband was doing research on the web when he came across your site and loved your product already since it had amazing reviews and is 100% homeopathic, this is exactly what he was searching for.

Once we received the product our satisfaction continued to grow. Our son’s colicky symptoms were drastically reduced, he seemed like a different baby.  We stopped using colic calm (because our son didn’t need it anymore) but recently started using it again because our son was showing signs of reflux and teething. Our pediatrician, who I thought was very “natural minded”, just wanted to prescribe an acid blocker for my son, which he offered to “call in to the pharmacy”, without even seeing my son or running any tests first. This disturbed my husband and me, we knew that was not what our son needed. So, instead we turned to what has always worked at making our little guy feel better, Colic Calm. It has done wonders for my son’s reflux and discomfort with teething. Again, I just want to thank you for this amazing product. My whole family is so happy there is something like it out there!”

April Kurtyka, Lactation Consultant and Hypnobabies Educator, California

“I live in Nebraska and would like to know if there is any vendors in the state that sell this wonderful product. I am also a Certified Nurse Midwife and will be recommending this to my patients!”

Deann Barnard, R.N., Certified Nurse Midwife, Nebraska

“My grandson uses Colic Calm and it’s great. I don’t want to give anything with Simethicone. Babies should not be taking that. Natural is always the option!”

Geeta Shah, MD, Maryland

“Love it. I recommend it for reflux. I keep my patients off reflux drugs with Colic Calm.”

Dr. Rima Strasser, Children’s Healthcare, Allentown, PA

“I used it for my own son, it was amazing!”

Roya Samuels, MD

“I get a great response from my patient’s parents. Most say it is more effective than gripe water, otc gas drops and the prescription levsin gtts! That’s exciting! Thank You”

Heather Negrotto, CPNP