Colic Calm Medical Fact Sheet

Colic Calm is a unique gripe water developed specifically for the treatment of infant colic, gas and upset stomach. Here are some of the key facts and features of Colic Calm:

  • An over-the-counter FDA listed homeopathic medicine (NDC Number: 13992-001-01)
  • A safe and gentle, alternative without the side-effects of prescription drugs
  • Unlike dietary supplement (DSHEA) gripe waters, Colic Calm is manufactured in an FDA inspected facility, using the highest quality natural active ingredients, under strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines for over-the-counter (OTC) medicines.
  • Most babies will experience relief within minutes.
  • Used by well over one million babies, for gas, colic and upset stomach.
  • Available at over 15,000 CVS and Walgreens pharmacies nationwide. Also available at Babies R’ Us, select health food stores, hundreds of retail locations nationwide and on-line at
  • A fraction of the cost of prescription drugs. The majority of parents spend less than $2 per day
  • Contains active ingredients that according to the principles of homeopathy, stimulate the body’s self-healing properties.

The remedies in Colic Calm provide multi-symptom relief. Colic Calm is safe, gentle and ideal for self-treatment. It can be given when symptoms appear, since it works quickly, and no regular dosing is needed.

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Active IngredientsHPUS Remedy*BenefitsColic Calm does not contain:
BlackthornPrunus Spinosa (3X)Upset Stomach, ColicSodium bicarbonate
CarawayCarum Carvi (3X)Digestive AidSimethicone
ChamomileChamomilla (3X)Irritability, HiccupsHerbal oils and extracts
FennelFoeniculum Vulgare (3X)Gas ReliefWheat or gluten
GingerZingiber Officinale (3X)Digestive AidSoy
Lemon BalmMelissa Officinalis (3X)Irritability, RestlessnessDairy
PeppermintMentha Piperita (3X)Colic, BloatingAnimal products
Vegetable CharcoalCarbo Vegetabilis (1X)Gas Relief, Upset StomachArtificial flavors or colors

* Manufactured in Accordance with HPUS (Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the US)

Please note that thousands of healthcare practitioners across the country are helping parents find a safe and natural remedy for their baby’s colic, infant gas and upset stomach by carrying Colic Calm brochures in their practice. We would love for you to join our expanding referral program. There are three easy ways to get Colic Calm brochures delivered to your practice:

  1. Visit and complete a simple 2 minute application.
  2. OR email us at
  3. OR call us at (877) 321-CALM.

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What Medical Professionals are Saying

Parent Testimonials

“Thank you for this wonderful product which has done miracles for my son. I now plan to recommend your product to my patients.”

A. Frye, MD, Family Physician

“This has been a godsend for my son’s reflux and gas, and he loves the taste.”

T. Della Polla, CPN

“Colic Calm represents an encouraging breakthrough. Well done!”

R. Mendoza, MD, Pediatrician

“Colic Calm is a top seller in my practice. It goes hand-in-hand beautifully with chiropractic care.”

D Acoba, DC

“This is great stuff! It was recommended to us by one of our mammas, and now we can’t keep it on our shelves.”

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