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Colic Calm

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The #1 selling gripe water for infant gas & colic.

  • Fast acting relief that works in minutes

  • Pediatrician recommended

  • Safe and gentle

  • Great tasting

  • Made with natural active ingredients

  • FDA listed

  • Manufactured in the USA using only the highest quality homeopathic remedies

Completely free of sugar, simethicone, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), herbal oils and extracts, wheat, gluten, soy, dairy or animal products.


Colic Calm® Gripe Water is a safe, effective, FDA listed homeopathic medicine. Made with natural active ingredients, Colic Calm eases baby’s discomfort often associated with gas, colic, hiccups and teething. Our gentle liquid formula is the #1 selling gripe water for infant gas & colic relief.

Simethicone Free. Pediatrician Recommended.


Gripe Water Suggested Use & Directions

  • Shake bottle well before each use and store at room temperature, out of direct sunlight.
  • If needed, repeat once every 60 minutes for up to 3 doses or as directed by a physician. Do not exceed 4 full doses in 24 hours.
  • Clean oral dispenser and let air-dry after each use. Close cap tightly after each use.
  • For oral use only.

Gripe Water Weight Chart

Under 20 lbsOver 20 lbs
(1.25 mL) 1/4 teaspoon(2.5 mL) 1/2 teaspoon


  • Colic Calm comes in a 2 fluid ounce (59 ml) amber glass bottle with oral dispenser and tamper-proof seal for maximum purity, stability, and safety. A separate oral dispenser is included in each package.
  • Store at room temperature, out of direct sunlight.
  • We recommend discarding bottle 2 months after opening.


Keep this and all supplements out of the reach of children. Do not exceed recommended dosage. Do not use if the safety seal is broken or missing. Consult your health care provider before giving this or any similar product to an infant. If symptoms show no sign of improvement, consult your baby’s pediatrician.

Questions or Comments?

Please email us: or call us at (941) 203-4590.

The essential ingredients used in Colic Calm gripe water are:

Active Ingredients: Prunus Spinosa 3X (Blackthorne), Carum Carvi 3X (Caraway), Chamomilla 3X (Chamomile), Foeniculum Vulgare 3X (Fennel), Zingiber Officinale 3X (Ginger), Melissa Officinalis 3X (Lemon Balm), Mentha Piperita 3X (Peppermint), Carbo Vegetabilis 1X (Vegetable Carbon).

Inactive Ingredients: Benzoic Acid, Citric Acid, Glycerin, Potassium Citrate, Potassium Sorbate, Purified Water, Xylitol.

Learn more about homeopathy.

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  • Rating
    Catherine Pokorny - Licensed PA - October 26,2017

    I just have to tell you how amazed I am by your product!!! My 6 week old baby girl has been very fussy, gassy, and uncomfortable since birth. We tried simethicone, gripe water, changing my diet completely, etc. nothing helped until now! I picked it up yesterday to give it a try, and I can’t believe we didn’t try it sooner! She had immediate relief and slept SO soundly. Thank you!!! I am going to tell everyone about this stuff.

  • Rating
    Joy G - Littleton, CO - October 21,2017

    This product was shipped promptly and arrived very quickly. It also works very, very well. I would recommend it to anyone whose baby is having colic. Its' a great help.

  • Rating
    Alisha R - October 21,2017

    I just want to say that I tried Colic Calm for the first time today on my three-week old son. So far, the results have been very promising! His gas seemed to get relieved very quickly, and he fell asleep without a fight. Fingers crossed that we continue to see these great results!

  • Rating
    Lucy - October 18,2017

    Best Product it help my baby girl

  • Rating
    Lucy - October 18,2017

    I love this product it help my baby girl

  • Rating
    Nancy L - Goose Creek, SC - October 17,2017

    This is actually my second bottle, my daughter started teething very early and it was extremely painful for her. I tried just about everything out there and then I was Google-ing teething remedies one day and your product came up. I was willing to try only because of the 100% guarantee. However, it was by far the best thing I have tried. Now my daughter just turned one and she was getting three mollers and four regular teeth all at once so you can imagine her misery. I ordered a second bottle and it worked like a charm! I would recommend this to everyone, new moms, experienced moms, you name it... Thank You!

  • Rating
    Brooke B - Monroeville, PA - October 16,2017

    Colic Calm has helped my baby in times of distress. He suffers from reflux and gas. I did decide to try the generic version of zantac for him (ranitidine) because his condition is worsening. I would like to continue to use the colic calm. Is it safe to use the colic calm when he is taking ranitidine? Thank you.

  • Rating
    Marne W - Phoenix, AZ - October 12,2017

    We are all doing great! We use Colic Calm primarily for our baby's gas problems. It seems to work very well for him, so Mom and Dad are pleased! Thanks!

  • Rating
    Stacia V - Spokane, WA - October 06,2017

    Every night my one month old baby girl would start crying in early evening and not stop till about 1 or 2 AM. This went on for a week till I realized what was wrong. She is my first baby and I didn't know what colic was. I ordered colic calm and the diference was HUGE! I can't thank them enough for the full night sleep I now get every night....well almost, you know babies, and the relief of little Anna. Thank you,Stacia and Baby Anna

  • Rating
    Michelle M - Sheridan, WY - October 02,2017

    Your product has been life changing for us. It got us through a very challenging time of fussiness by basically eliminating the colic. It is amazing on hiccupps and now it is helping on teething. You have an incredible product.

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