What is Gripe Water?

Babies cry for many reasons and it is often hard for parents to know the precise cause. Otherwise healthy infants who cry inconsolably for more than three hours per day, for at least three days per week are said to have colic, which affects as many as 1 in 4 newborns between the ages of 2 weeks and 4 months.

While no studies have proven a precise cause for colic, experts such as Dr. Lasse Lothe and Dr. Zvi Weizman point to gastroenterological origins. An informal poll of Colic Calm customers found 74% of parents said their baby showed “signs of gas such as; abdominal bloating or a hard distended stomach”, and 70% said the symptoms “began after a meal.”

Gripe water is a popular natural liquid remedy that has been used for over 100 years to treat digestive discomfort associated with infant colic, gassiness and hiccups. Many naturally-minded mothers and pediatricians trust this remedy based on their shared personal experiences as an enlightened alternative to harsh chemical drugs like simethicone or acid blockers.

The original formula was developed by American pharmacist William Woodward in 1851 while living in Nottingham, England. It contained dill oil, sodium bicarbonate and alcohol. However, by FDA decree, none of the brands sold in the US contain alcohol. Furthermore, none contain dill oil, presumably because it is not listed on the FDA’s Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) list. Although still labelled as gripe water, products sold in the US differ substantially from the original European Woodward’s formula.

Original Woodward's Gripe Water Ad

Original Woodward Gripe Water Ad

What Parents Are Saying

Parent Testimonials

“1st nap in about 4 days and it’s all thanks to your product. Colic Calm has literally saved my life and I’m not exaggerating. I was running on no sleep and felt like a horrible mother. I had tried Mommy’s Bliss Gripe water both daytime and nighttime. I tried Little Remedies Gripe water and gas drops. I also tried Mylicon drops as well and absolutely nothing helped. I read about this product from other moms and I figured I’ve tried everything else why not give it one last try. Just one day in and she was already using the restroom better, she was still a bit fussy but I could already see a difference. Day 2 and I feel like I already have my baby back to normal and I feel back to normal as well. I slept last night finally and so did she so it’s safe to say we are both very happy now!”

Nicole R.

“I would recommend colic calm to ANYONE! For over 3 months we relied on Milycon. Finally we decided we needed to make a change, and took her off the Milycon. Instead giving her the Gripe Water when she started to have bad gas spouts. I swear- within 15 minutes the gas was gone and my baby was happy. It is like we have a brand new baby! Gripe Water is a life saver!”

Krystal M

“This is the third time I ordered your product (5th bottle). We tried a different brand of “gripe water” purchased by a relative at a health food store. Our newborn had the colic that involves bad bouts of gas. Expelling it apparently is a very very painful process for her at this young age. I was beside myself with worry, and would cry right along with her. Anyway, that gripe water seemed to help very little and not every time. Plus, it had fructose, a sugar, and I didn’t want to keep giving it to her every time symptoms appeared. That is when I searched the net and found your product and thought I would give it a try. Checked it out with the doctor who told me there was nothing that would harm her by taking it as indicated. I breast-feed, and felt personally guilty that the breast milk was doing this to her. The doctor assured me this wasn’t the case and to continue to breast-feed. So, we tried your product, and it has to be the only thing that I found that helps her. It didn’t cure the colic 100%, but I don’t leave home without it. During her really bad days, I give her the max dosage (6x per day) and I truly see the difference. If and when she does cry, it is short-lived and the gas comes out quicker than on those days I don’t use the product. She seems to eliminate stool more regularly with the product than without. I am hoping and praying the colic subsides by the third month which is right around the corner. However, in the meantime, this product helps us on a daily basis. Thank you for this product.”

Maria G. – Eastport, NY

“I did copious research about gripe water before I selected your brand – it is a great comfort to me to know that it is FDA-approved. It is so hard to make the decision to give a 4 week old infant ANYTHING – especially a black liquid..ha! I tried everything I could before resorting to ‘medicine’ from chamomile tea to warm packs to ‘swaddling, shushing, swaying, sucking, side laying’ to praying. I have to say after reading all of the comments online – I do agree that it’s a little expensive and the staining is a problem, BUT I don’t think there is a parent out there who wouldn’t pay any amount of money to hear the screaming stop and bring their child relief…that’s what your product does, stops it, ends the pain, calms her, and lets her finally rest. My child has reflux and milk protein sensitivity – so I have given up dairy and she is on Zantac. These two things undoubtedly improved her situation overall. But, your product relieved her before AND after these two factors – the non-dairy diet for me and Zantac reduced the frequency of the bouts of gas/pain, but they still happen and when the screaming hits a fevered pitch, your product is the ONLY thing that makes it stop. I have only ever had to give her one or two doses – it’s magic. All the best and heart-felt thanks!”

Nancy R. – Bordentown, NJ